ABSTRACT The primary objective of this study is to find out the effects of advertising on company’s profitability taking Yinka Oba Foam and Paints Ilesha as its focus of the study, survey method was used in gathering information. Questionnaire was administered on the chosen population, findings from the effects of advertising in the corporate image of the company shows that it is highly needed to adopt advertising into the company to boost its sales and profit more than its competitor in manufacturing of foam and paints companies so as to gain good percentage in the market. It also shows that advertising is a necessity in a company not only to resolve crisis but also to avoid it. The research recommends that advertising department should be established under public relations department in organization so as to enhance the corporate image. The staff of Yinka Oba Foam and paints Ilesha was chosen randomly both in Oba Foam and Oba Paint Ilesha.

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Commercialization of news began in Nigerian media houses as a result of the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) introduced in 1986 and the eventual withdrawal of subsidies from government owned media houses see Ekwo (1996) and Ogbuoshi (2005). With the increasing rise in production cost and dwindling circulation, the media houses resort to all kinds of tricks including commercialization of the news to make money (Oso, 2000). Majority of the respondent admitted that media houses kills hard news to accommodate commercial stories. The situation has led to a lot of compromise, with sensationalisation of news stories and half-truths reaching alarming stage. Citing an instance with the Daily Times, a one time leading newspaper in Nigeria, Idowu (2001:15) noted the situation became so bad that: This commercialization at the institutional level is thriving because editors, publishers and owners of the broadcast stations/ print media see the organizations, or their investment, as a profit making venture that should yield the required financial return. Increasingly, commercial-oriented news stories are taking the place of hard news reports. Hanson (2005: 140) is right when he notes that: “reporters and editors are supposed to be concerned not with profits but rather with reporting the news as best they can. But that barrier is coming down, and editors are increasingly looking at their newspaper as a product that should appeal to advertisers as well as readers. Therefore, this work focuses on the effects of news commercialization on the contents of private media with Africa Independent Television (AIT), Lagos and Nigeria Tribune as case study.



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