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This study is aimed at assessing and determining the effect of school environment and facilities on the academic performance of students in secondary schools West African Secondary School Certificate Examination. Survey method was used to survey the entire study area, Simple random sampling technique was used to select 25 respondents each from each of the four selected schools to ensure that every students of the selected schools have an equal chance of been selected or choosing for the research study, a total of one hundred was used for the research. The study investigated the effect of four independent variables (Gender, Age, Marital status, Job designation and religion) and four dependent variables which are students’ attitude, academic performance, academic achievement, Effective use of facilities. The descriptive statistics of frequency counts was used for the analysis of personal data while standard deviation was used to analyze the data collected from the respondents. From the findings of this study, it was discovered that teachers should be acquainted with the need to improvise teaching and learning aids. It was also discovered that effective utilization of facilities will improve student’s educational performances. It was found out that attitude. of school environment have significant relationship with their academic achievement. It is recommended that the result of the study would be helpful to policy makers on education and educationists in formulating policy that would help school administrators to create conducive and enabling environments that are capable of developing, promoting and enhancing positive and effective teaching and learning for students in secondary schools. School facilities should be strategically placed for student’s utilization since they significantly influence their academic achievement. Teachers should be motivated by putting adequate facilities that would make their job easier. Based on this, it is concluded that if adequate facilities and conducive school environment were put in place it would help the teaching method and student learning, also improve students’ academic performance in West African Secondary School Certificate Examination.


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