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This research work examined causes of disparity between male and female enrolment in adult Education. Five research questions were generated to guide the study line with the objectives of the study.

The population of this study comprised student of University of Lagos Akoka Yaba, Five department were selected for the study. The descriptive survey design was used to conduct the study. Questionnaire was the instrument designed by the researcher and administered to the respondents for collection of data. A total of one hundred and fifty respondents were randomly selected as sample size for the study. Data analysis was carried out using simple percentage and frequency tables. The study found among other things that, the programme organized to reduce causes of disparity between male and female enrolment in adult Education has been fairly successful and that there are constraints which include inadequate of fundings, Lack of grassroot planning, and male from this study, The study recommended among others that there is need for restructuring of grassroot planning, adequate information should be supply that male and female students would be benefited.

Also government should have adequate financial arrangement which should be matched with an adequate administrative structure to deliver the services.


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