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Flashing circuits are very interesting. They grab your attention and can be used in many applications. They consume very little energy and a single cell can last as long as 12 months. You can flash globes, LEDs and pulse all types of devices such as motors, solenoids and piezo diaphragms. In this discussion we will cover a number of interesting “oscillator circuits.” They can be adapted for other applications – but to do this you have to know how they work. This is not easy as most of them are quite complex. In fact oscillator circuits are one of the most difficult circuits to understand. But if you read the text, everything will become clear. Flasher circuits have developed over a long period of time, with many of the earlier designs proving to be unreliable.

The objective of this research work is to construct an adjustable led flasher. The project is aimed to have couple of advantages over a flashing LED that can be buy as an individual item. The project is also the objective of the researcher to design the project with the most economical and effeccience parts so as to make it avoidable to everyone.

The scope of the operation of the adjustable electronic flasher fully automated. It pulses it with a higher peak current to give a brighter illumination and consumes less average current. This means it will work for a long time on an almost flat battery and cost nothing to run. It can be used for battery equipment to indicate the power is ON or as an ALARM ON indicator. You can use a super-bright LED and get a really bright flash, or an ordinary green, orange or yellow LED to get something better than a flashing red LED.

The following are the problem encountered during the research work.
1.         TIME: The research of adjustable electronic flasher is a time consuming exercise for collection, analysis and preparation of its report Goods research takes time to plan and executed.
2.         COST: It is very costly to plan and implement this assertion in view of the fact that make research require the use of human resources, other resources and considerable time for the execution.
3.         EXACTNESS: To ensure the behaviour of human being, it is impossible to predict such behaviour with absolute exactness or accuracy.

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