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It is safe to say that most activities such as apartment allocation carried out in most cities in Nigeria are done manually. Therefore, there is a lot of strain on the individuals running the apartment. An Apartment Management system is simply software developed for managing most activities that take place in the apartment with the help of apartment administrator.

The goal of this research work is to provide a solution to the problem of apartment management, by designing a computerized system which is user-friendly and GUI-oriented that will be compatible with the existing manual systems. The software to be developed will solve the problem of apartment management; thus helping to reduce problems associated with the manual apartment management system. The project uses Spring Light apartment as Case Study.



This chapter introduces the study and provides relevant information on the background of the study. It begins with problem definition (statement of the problem) which describes the major problems associated with manual apartment management. This is followed by the research objective putting in a nutshell what is to be achieved by the study. Subsequently, the Research Justification is presented, which justifies the essence of the research. The Research Methodology describes the procedures used in conducting the research. Scope and Limitation discusses the area the research is limited to and also highlights the constraints encountered during the course of this work. Finally, there is definition of terms and chapter layout which defines peculiar terms related to the study alone and summarizes the entire chapters respectively.



Problems associated with hostel records when manually handled by theLandlord in spring Light apartment include:

  • Records are manually written and stored in various registers.
  • Lots of human errors are encountered when records are hand-written.
  • The use of numerous registers for hostel allocation can be very cumbersome, hence tracing records become tedious.
  • Difficulty in maintaining or updating the records, hence, retrieval of a certain dataset from a bunch of registers is almost impossible.
  • Loss or damage of any of the registers leads to damage of lots of important files at a time.
  • Lack of data security.



The objective of this study is to develop an application that will ease the stress associated with the existing manual system as earlier stated, while focusing on the Spring Light apartment.

This study aims to achieve the following;

  1. To create a database management system (DBMS) this allocates storage to student data and also provides security for the stored data.
  2. To provide quick and efficient means for gathering the student information along with their rooms, fees, etc.
  3. To find out the possible benefits that will be obtained from the new system.
  4. At the completion of this work, this system will improve the management of student hostels in the spring light apartment.


The proposed research can be justified by providing answers to the questions below:

  1. Does the research extend the understanding of the phenomenon being investigated?
  2. Does it elaborate, extend or fill in gaps in present knowledge?
  3. Finally, will it give the expected results result?

After putting these aforementioned questions into consideration, I believe that this research is worth doing. Using Spring light as the existing system to be investigated, in which the mode of operation is done manually, a certain level of bias will be experienced. The new system to be developed is to manage the allocation process.



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