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    The Design and Implementation of Staff Attendance system is an academic work which aims in developing a computerized system to maintain the attendance of Staff in a company.
    Attendance in an organization is important to ensure the continuous operation. Aiming at the disadvantages of traditional pen and paper attendance system, an Integrated Staff Attendance System (ISAS) is proposed. ISAS is a system used to record the present of staffs to work. It provides a customization option of using an input device: fingerprint technology. Rapid Application Development (RAD) is used as it gives much faster development process which will guarantee the punctuality of the system delivery. This system allows the workers to take attendance, view their user profile and also attendance, while the manager can view workers’ attendance, managing workers’ information and generating attendance report.
    It is a computerized robust payment system. It also has the facility of showing all reports of Staff attendance. Overall this project of ours is being developed to help the company, schools, hospitals, secretariat to maintain the attendance in the best way possible and also reduce the human efforts. The Programming language used in developing this application software is Visual 2012. It runs in Windows 98 to Latest windows 10. It also requires Microsoft access 2010 re-distribution to avoid errors. It also needs Crystal report to be installed to view the report in the database.

    This chapter gives an overview about the aim, objectives, background and operation environment of the system.

    The operation of any company is based on the contribution of staff either from executive level or operational level. For example, in a factory, the shop floor operation required full attendance of engineer, technical staff, and operation level staff before they start the operation. Therefore, the attendance system provides the information of the staff’s existing to the shop floor. Their information will help them to plan the operation and do any changes for any absent.
    Attendance can be defined as the action of being present at one place or event
    [1] For example present to somebody party or present to work in office. Attendance is one of the important factors in many institutions and organization that need to be followed by people
    [2]. Staff attendance tracking is a common practice in almost all organizations. It is highly important for one organization in order to maintain their performance standards
    [3]. in the previous implementation, there are various types of attendance systems that have been developed. For example: attendance systems by using pen and paper, using database, and also biometrics. These implementations still can cause lots of problems such as providing incorrect information to the users.

    The purpose of this integrated attendance system is to computerized the traditional way of record attendance. Besides that it is used to create a combination of various types of attendance where users can either choose to use smart card or fingerprint technologies. For example, by using combination of both smart card and fingerprint technologies to record workers attendance, the attendance system can be strongly protected and the inappropriate manner of behaviors can be eliminated. If one of the devices is malfunction, the others can acts as backup.

    For companies that use pen and paper to record their attendance, with the large amount of staff in the company, this will be a problem to the manager to keep track on staffs’ attendance because by using pen and paper, one worker can help other workers to sign his/her attendance even though they do not go to work or either the workers are late to work.
    For small companies which have only 10 staffs, it is not worth for them to purchase a fingerprint attendance system. This is because the cost of one fingerprint device is quite expensive and they need an expert which has knowledge to help configure and maintain the system.
    With the existing approach, there is only a single input device use to record the staff attendance either using smart card or fingerprint. If one company would like to have 2 different input of attendance system to provide interchangeable function, they will need to purchase both systems which will be costly. In addition, if one day the single input device suddenly breakdown, the attendance cannot be recorded.
    Therefore, there is a need to develop an integrated attendance system with various type of input to fulfill customer needs and requirements because it is flexible and it can bring convenient to the manager to summarize and manipulate staff information. Lack of effectiveness in their methods of record keeping, further compounds the problem.

    The objectives of this project are:

    i. To develop an Integrated Staff Attendance System (ISAS) by using fingerprint technologies.

    ii. To provide the potential users with the customize option of using both input device.

    iii. To develop an algorithm for the staff working hours processing towards attendance system




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