Mathematics is the only subject that cut across all sciences. The high level of students’ deficiency in mathematical knowledge will not only have negative effects on their performances in mathematics but also in other science subjects. The importance of effective teaching of the subject cannot be over-emphasized. The aim of this study was to investigate the classroom processes used by secondary school mathematics teachers in Edo state.  To do this, twenty (20) senior secondary were randomly selected from Egor and Ovia North-East Local Government areas and three (3) mathematics teachers were randomly selected from each of the twenty schools. A total of sixty (60) mathematics teachers were used for the study.  A 5-point rating scale questionnaire was used to gather information from the subjects. The questionnaire was made of six sections; teacher’s ability to prepare and plan lesson, use of Teaching Methods, communication skills, ability to create good learning environment, ability to plan and prepare lesson, subject matter knowledge and ability to assess students’ learning effectively.

One sample t-test was used to analyse the data collected. The results revealed that mathematics teachers in Egor and Ovia North-East Local Government areas use appropriate teaching methods, have adequate communication skills, and are able to create good learning environment. The results also revealed that the teachers are able to plan and prepare appropriate lesson, have good knowledge of subject matter and able to assess students’ learning effectively.

The findings of the study will help mathematics teachers to improve on their efficiency when such problems are identified and taken care of. It was recommended that mathematics teachers should make effort to identify the areas of students’ problems in the learning of mathematics. Mathematics teachers should be motivated by paying them special allowance. It was also recommended that parents should endeavour to provide the necessary learning materials and Government should build well equipped mathematics laboratory for all secondary schools.


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