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As the topic of this research project implies (Effect of groundnut shell ash on lateritic soil properties) and which aim and objective are to shed light on Engineering Properties of Laterite Soil which is extensively used as a construction materials in Civil Engineering Project which is accomplished through intensive field investigation and comprehensive laboratory test.  The index property test classified the soil as (A-2-4) subgroup under the AASHTO soil classification scheme.  Thus the material is deemed inadequate for use as a road pavement base or sub-base.  Index and geo-technical properties test conducted in the soil containing groundnut shell ash combination shows significant improvement in properties.  All test on this research were carried out in accordance with BS (1377:1975).  Although G.S.A. does not have the same binding power with cement but from the analysis of the result been carried out on G.S.A. shows that it can be used as a binding agent in the absent of the cement 4% of G.S.A. content was also observed to be the optimum content. All test and analysis are shown in chapter three and four.


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