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Television and advertising together present a lethal combination and has become an integral part of modern society .It is the most convenient route to reach not only consumers but also the students. Students are manipulated by advertisement promise that the product will do something special for them which will transform their life. The present study was conducted on 100 students, studying in class 9th-12th, to know the impact of T.V. advertisement on their buying pattern. The results revealed that advertisements played a vital role in introducing a new product in the family list & making better choice during shopping. Majority of the respondents after watching an advertisement wanted to buy the new brand introduced in the market, they were disappointed when they were not allowed to buy products of their choice and were of the opinion that TV commercials helped them to make better choice during shopping. Students utilized their pocket money received every month for shopping. The main items purchased from the pocket money were- food, cosmetics, gifts and cards. They mostly went to shopping with parents .Students planned their shopping after discussion with family members. In purchase of food items, stationary, cosmetics and toiletries, students were influenced by TV commercials. In case of clothing they were guided by fashion, friends and boutiques. The respondents preferred to buy branded and standardized products which are more advertised on Television.


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