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This study probes the effects which mass media has on the cultural values and tradition of the Yoruba people. It specifically tackles the effects of mass media on the culture and traditions of Erin Osun community. The research posits that the current trends in cultural behaviour of youths in Nigeria as observed among People of Erin Osun is significantly associated with their perception of western culture and exposure to forms of mass media such as (PROGRAMMES AND ADVERTS ON TV, RADIO AND OTHER FORMS OF MASS MEDIA, radio and Newspaper). The assumption that foreign media content has direct powerful effects is shared by optimistic modernization theory. Lerner (1962) Rogers (1964) Schramm (1964) and others Stretch the critical perspective of cultural and media imperialism. McPhail (1981), (1984) Gerbuer (1977). The research applies the theory of acculturation along with the culturation hypothesis. “Defluer and Dennis 1991, Garbner 1977, Morgan 1991” explains that acculturation of youths take place as a result of exposure to western programmes and adverts on TV, radio and other forms of mass media and radio programmes which influence the perception of the of the programmes reality and alters self-image. From the review of related literature, the following hypotheses emerged for testing HI: More exposure to programmes and adverts on TV, radio and other forms of mass media will tend to identification of western stars as models. H2: The improvement of Local programmes and adverts on TV, radio and other forms of mass media will increase Yoruba community’ preference for local media product. Research hypotheses 1 and 2 received statistical support from the analysis of collected data using the survey research method. Recommendations to check the cultural genocide for further research were preferred.


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