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In a volatile economy as we have in this country where things change quite often and with banking education and business experience yet to become well entrenched/ a Bank should not be caught off guard because of poor administration and control of its loan portfolio. Bad debt destroy the Banks earning asset.


The main purpose of the study is to measure the credit administrative pattern of Commercial Banks using Nigerian banks as a case study.

To examine the credit policy and practice of commercial banks, to review   the   credit   administration   and   control procedures in  Banks, to examine the management of bad debt and recovery process in  banks, to measure the effectiveness of the procedures adopted and  to identify constrain associated with loan management to make recommendation based on the finding of the study, to measure the credit administrative pattern of commercial banks.

Copies of questionnaires were delivered to all respondents, credit managers, and retrieved within a week of administration as well as senior staff of  banks. Deposit mobilized from customers are on the increase evidencing good, effective and aggressive marketing strateging. The Nigerian banks also continues to extend various forms of credit facilities through a short term basis to its numerous customers.


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