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The main aim of the research project dwells on Globalization and Economic Development in Nigeria an Assessment.  Globalization was viewed as the bilateral relations that exist betweens countries for either political or economical purpose and also as a means of developing the under developed countries with technological advancement from developed countries.  The review of different literatures in the chapter of the work, looked at the challenges of globalization, in underdeveloped societies, as language barrier, political interference, policies, education etc.  The impact of globalization was viewed from different perspectives, both negative and positive, globalization has assisted Nigeria as a developing country, in competing with other developed countries.  Both primary and secondary sources of data collection were used, the population of the study was determined by the use of chi-square statistical formular, and the data of the study were analyzed with the use of simple lable and percentage.  The findings of the study revealed that globalization has made the in undeveloped countries to become a dumping ground for the developed societies, the findings further revealed that with the aid of globalization the world is now a global village.  The study recommended that the government should enter into bilateral relations that will assist to develop the economy of the country, and also government should release found for research and sciences, so as the bring about economic development in the country.


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