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The impact of radio and television campaign on cultism in Nigerian cannot be undermined. Instead, it has gotten enough recognition in our society and beyond, because the extent at which campus cultism is increasing in Nigeria.

Tertiary institution of learning is alarming and year always grip the heart of Nigeria students who lives with one eye closed and the other widely open in alert. all in the name of not waiting to fall victim of the menace.

Since the formation of secret cult in Nigeria by same group of people led by professor Oluwole Soyinka, believe that it would be used to propagate peculiar idea, while every of their plans are kept in secret without revealing it to anyone now, the story has changed drastically. The once secret keeping god had now turned to secret cult of blood intimidation of learning across is so rampart and has been extend to same primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. Campus cultism now promotes to child abuse, human and drug trafficking, rapping, killing etc Violence is everywhere in Nigeria, especially on campus, lives were lost, student were maimed, some killed and all other criminal activities are not exempted . all happens in the glory name of cultism in the society.


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