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Mosquito repellents are substances that can be used to repel mosquitoes which is a vector that transmits malaria. A typical example of a mosquito repellent is mosquito coil which drives away mosquito when it is ignited. The smoke that is emitted from burning a mosquito coil contains active ingredients used to prevent mosquito from biting particularly during the hour of sleep having been designed to burn for hours. These active ingredients have known to act as repellent agent which cause a distasteful environment for the mosquito and act as agents of immobilization which disturbs the food searching mechanism of the mosquito. Orange peels (Cestrum) contains oil known as Limonene oil which has a  lethal effect on mosquitoes and some other insects. It can be used as active ingredient to produce mosquito coil, which when ignited, will repel mosquitoes within the limits of the smoke.


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