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This study was designed to investigate the impact of Information Technology on Banking Operations in Nigeria. Information Technology is the modern trend in banking today. It is absolutely necessary for banks to access its impact operational performance so as to justify the growing trend towards Information Technology in banking sector and the huge capital invested on it, analyse their problem and proffer possible solutions.


The objectives of this study is to examine how the adoption of Information Technology affects the operations of commercial banks in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness, customer base and globalisation of the bank.


The main research instruments used are questionnaire and personal interview for staff and customers of the bank. The simple frequency percentage was adopted as the statistical measure and hypothesis testing was analysed using chi-square.


The result obtained reveals that Information Technology has greatly improved the growth and performance of the Nigerian commercial banks. The result equally shows that Information Technology has led to increased customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, saved transaction time, gives the bank a competitive edge, saved the running cost and ushered in swift response in service delivery.


This research work also recommend Government support to local IT firms to foster importation, lower tariff on importation of IT related equipment and their agencies and regulatory bodies to upgrade their equipment as well. Government should improve electricity supply in the country. The private sectors should equally support by investing into improving electricity and the banks should continuously implement customer centered IT products and services of International standard.


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